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We curate luxury accessories made by world renowned craftsmen.

The following are accessories we carry in our atelier. 


Lorenzo Villoresi 

Retracing the routes of the Tuscan merchants of the Renaissance, the perfumes of Lorenzo Villoresi represent a universe where the materials, fragrances and colors of Tuscany meet and harmonize with the spices, essences and influences of the Orient. Every scent created by Villoresi pushes the boundaries of perfumery as we know it today. Blending classic ingredients with rare essences, he is one of the true master perfumers. We carry a wide range of Villoresi fragrances at TIEFENBRUN.


Albert Thurston 

With over 180 years of traditional British craftsmanship making for kings, princes, presidents and Hollywood stars, we are delighted to offer a selection of these elegant braces. 



Our own brand of seven-fold ties and hand rolled pocket squares. Our seven-fold silk tie is the pinnacle of luxury neckwear. The long and laborious process of creating a seven-fold tie means every piece is a work of art in itself. 



With their meticulous attention to detail and use of the finest materials, Bresciani are one of Italy's leading manufacturers of men’s socks. Founded in 1970 by Mr. Mario Bresciani, their socks are produced exclusively in Italy, near Milan, with classic designs crafted from the finest natural yarns available- Egyptian mako cotton, Australian Merino wool and Himalayan cashmere.



Handmade in Italy by Toscanini using cedar wood from San Francisco,
these cedar wood hangers have a wonderful scent and are a moth repellent. 
We also offer bespoke hangers to fit your wardrobe's needs.


Fox Umbrellas 

Fox Umbrellas are renowned for producing the best umbrellas in the world. The visible wood grain makes these truly individual, and their strength means they double as a walking stick.