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TIEFENBRUN is a bespoke tailoring house located in Williamsburg, New York. We specialize in only the highest-quality handmade garments with a commitment to the finest craftsmanship and fabrics. We create everything from suits, coats and shirts to tuxedos and shooting jackets. 

TIEFENBRUN founder Yosel Tiefenbrun was raised in London and comes from a long line of tailors, fabric merchants and artists. The love of fine clothes, design and exquisite workmanship runs in his blood and has been his passion from a young age. Growing up, his studies took him to France, New York, Israel and then on to Singapore to become a rabbi. In Singapore he also began to pursue his love of design and clothing, studying design at NAFA while interning at Harpars Bazaar Magazine.

At the age of 21, Yosel moved to London to study at the Savile Row Academy, where he spent two years training in both cutting and tailoring. He was then chosen to apprentice under Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop of Maurice Sedwell, where he dealt with many high profile clients, celebrity sports players, award winning actors and international royalty.

Upon finishing his apprenticeship, Yosel moved back to Singapore to work as both a rabbi for the Jewish community and a tailor at Kevin Seah Bespoke. In his new role, he worked with many Asian and international clients, gaining a broader sartorial mindset for the various cultures, traditions and unique styles of Asia. 

Following his dreams, Yosel moved to New York to open his own tailoring house, and at the age of 28, launched TIEFENBRUN in Williamsburg, New York. 


TIEFENBRUN takes pride in setting the standard for New York tailoring, classic menswear and handcrafted accessories.


TIEFENBRUN house style is an English cut, drawing on Yosel's British heritage and training with high arm holes, a roped shoulder and a tapered waist. Perfectly elegant; quintessentially British.

Known for its updated classics, timeless design and attention to detail, TIEFENBRUN takes pride in setting the standard for New York tailoring, modern menswear and handcrafted accessories.



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