The Art of

Bespoke Tailoring

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From Savile Row to New York


 Experience True Craftsmanship and Exceptional Garments Handmade For You.


An exquisite garment that will last a lifetime.


The Ultimate Bespoke Experience

Tiefenbrun offers the exclusivity of a unique garment, entirely modeled and handcrafted to meet your exacting requirements. The Tiefenbrun suit is the choice of many influential men and a highly significant status symbol – elegant, sophisticated and empowering.


The Craftsmanship

Unparalleled craftsmanship is the foundation upon which a Tiefenbrun garment is built. Each suit we construct features a specialized pattern, unique to your own measurements, with a full body canvas, a hand padded chest and lapels to create a three dimensional work of art.


The Fine Details


Our garments are finished with beautiful hand-made details- milanese buttonholes, pick stitching and horn buttons. Each detail is constructed with passion and precision at the Tiefenbrun atelier.